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Women's Reproductive Choice

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The very foundation of a woman's bodily autonomy and privacy are under attack. The Ohio legislature's obsession with attacking a woman's right to choose is destructive and must be stopped.

No politician should have the right to make medical decisions for a woman. The medical procedure of abortion is a matter for a woman and her doctor - not the Statehouse.

However, the Ohio legislature has spent the last decade obsessed with controlling women's reproductive choice. This must end.

I am proud to be staunchly pro-choice and will always defend the rights of Ohio women against Republican attacks. This isn't a drill - the lives of hundreds of thousands of women are on the line. We can't accept anything less than full support for a woman's right to choose in the Ohio Senate!

I'll fight to Defend and Support Planned Parenthood

While Republican Sen. Stephanie Kunze voted to defund Planned Parenthood, I believe that it is essential that the Ohio legislature supports the vital healthcare Planned Parenthood provides in Ohio. From breast cancer screenings to STD testing and reproductive care, Planned Parenthood is a vital resource for millions of Ohio women and it is here to stay.

I'll fight to Repeal the 6-Week Abortion Ban

While any ban on reproductive choice puts lives at risk, the six-week abortion ban is perhaps the most abhorrent legislation to be passed in Ohio's recent history. Firstly, criminalizing abortion will not end abortion - it will simply force desperate women to seek unsafe medical procedures in unsafe environments. Make no mistake: this abortion ban would cost women their lives. Secondly, the six-week ban is extremely restrictive as most women may not even know they're pregnant at the 6-week mark. Six weeks is only two weeks after your first missed period - far from ample time to consider options and consult a medical professional. Thirdly, this law fails to make exceptions for rape and incest - making this one of the most cruel and radical laws in the nation. It's time to send a State Senator to the Statehouse who will fight for women every single day.

I'll fight to Invest in Scientific Reproductive Education

The most recent far-right legislation to be introduced in the Ohio legislature includes a mandate to teach unscientific anti-choice curriculum in schools. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. I believe in comprehensive sex education that informs students about their reproductive choices and medical resources based on science - not right-wing propaganda.

I'll fight to Protect Women

We need a legislature that will fight to protect the rights, safety, and health of Ohio women. I can promise that as your State Senator I will go to work every day with the goal of fighting for Ohio women.

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