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Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Good health is imperative for quality of life. Affordable healthcare allows Ohioans to live, work, and build a family in a safe and healthy environment.

In Ohio, we have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive, cutting edge healthcare procedures and services. In this country, new procedures are developed to treat everything from the common cold to complex genetic disorders. Although opportunities to experience better health abound, access and the affordability of these services is out of reach for many working families.

Many Ohioans can barely afford to pay their monthly premiums, not to mention their deductibles and any additional non-covered medical costs they may incur. If we cannot access services for health and safety to us, they are useless. We must work to improve the health insurance market to ensure that all Ohioans can afford health insurance for themselves and their families.

While private insurance companies provide a large portion of the population with coverage, a growing number of people are unable to afford even a basic employer plan. In order to provide vulnerable Americans with accessible coverage we MUST fully fund and expand public programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. For many families, these programs are the difference between sickness and prosperity.

I'll fight to Defend Medicaid Expansion

Thousands of Ohio families depend on Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act to provide health services for themselves and their children. We must defend Medicaid from Republican attacks and ensure that health coverage is available for all Ohioans.

I'll fight to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

It's critical that Ohio families have access to affordable healthcare. However, high prescription drug prices mean that Ohioans are getting prescriptions from their doctors but cannot afford to fill them. We must work with health care professionals to explore ways to limit the rising prescription drug costs and ensure that every Ohioan can get the medicine they need to thrive.

I'll fight to Protect CHIP and Children's Health Programs

When my son Noble was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, our family struggled to keep up with the medical bills for his treatments. The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) made it possible for my family to pay for critical treatment and allowed my son to thrive. So, when President Trump attacked CHIP funding, I went to DC to work with Sen. Sherrod Brown to defend coverage for families across the country. Now, I'll fight to ensure that the State of Ohio funds programs for Ohio families with children who require extensive medical treatment. No family should ever have to decide between paying the bills and taking their child to the doctor.

I'll fight to Increase Public Health Awareness and Resources

Ohio families need a clear and comprehensive guide to navigate the healthcare industry. I’ll fight to expand access to information regarding the importance of vaccinations and early-childhood health. I understand that my personal experience with my son’s genetic disorder is rare and that those special circumstances require special guidance. We need a comprehensive strategy to increase public health awareness to keep families safe and healthy

I'll fight to End the Opioid Epidemic

I've had the opportunity to work with Ignite Our City in their mission to assist families who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses. The opioid epidemic is nothing less than a crisis and we must take action to ensure that victims have access to rehabilitation, reentry assistance, and familial support programs. It's time for action.

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