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Invest in Ohio's Public Education

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Access to quality public education is the most important factor of economic security for individuals and families.

Children are our best hope for a brighter future. We have the opportunity to prepare them for life, by assisting them in becoming citizens who participate, who produce, who dream of things we as adults could not even imagine. Fully funded public education is the best and most logical step we can take to provide a better future for ourselves, and many generations to come. When people are educated, societies thrive. Ideas flow. Inventions are created. Sectors of the economy are born. Dreams are realized. Communities are connected. The return on this investment is infinite. We MUST invest in our youth!

I'll fight to Crack Down on Charter School Fraud

There is no place for for-profit private charter school companies in Ohio. We need to stop sending our tax dollars to for-profit corporations while our public schools remain underfunded. I'll make it a priority to ensure that our tax dollars are sent to our public education system so that every child can get a quality education.

I'll fight to END Growth Caps and Demand FAIR Funding

The fact that Ohio's education system remains unconstitutional and underfunded is simply unacceptable. It's time to end the lip service and finally reform our school funding system in Ohio so that our schools are fully and fairly funded!

I'll fight to Reduce Standardized Testing

Ohio's schools focus far too much time and effort on standardized testing. I'll fight to reduce the number of mandatory standardized tests in our schools and ensure that teacher proficiency and student achievement are not subject to these unscientific and non-predictive tests. Our teachers should be free to teach the curriculum, not teach to a test.

I'll fight to Establish Universal Pre-K Education

Early childhood education is key to the success and prosperity of our children. It's time for Ohio to make an investment in early childhood education and the building blocks of our education system.

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