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Quality, Affordable Childcare

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

When it comes to starting a family, we know there is much to think about.

One thing that many legislators do not realize is that access to childcare has become a major source of frustration for Ohio families.

A large number of Ohio residents, 39%, are living in childcare deserts. A childcare desert exists when there is only 1 childcare spot available for every 3 children that need it. Prospective parents often put their unbown and not even yet conceived children on waitlists far before they need them.

To add to that frustration, many prospective parents find that their child’s name comes up on the waitlist before birth, or before parents are planning to return to work. If that scenario occurs, the only way to guarantee your child can begin attending is to start paying for the spot - regardless of attendance.

Many parents find themselves paying for months to years of childcare before the birth of their child. Adding to the financial burden, the yearly cost of childcare in Ohio is the same as sending your child to The Ohio State University. Many families in Ohio are struggling to afford basic, affordable, quality childcare - and thus are making a non-choice to exit the workforce in order to care for little ones.

I'll fight for Access to Quality, Affordable Childcare

Instituting programs to make childcare more affordable will not only relieve Ohio parents, but will allow more Ohioans to join the workforce and expand our economic growth!

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