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Paid Family Leave for Ohio

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Like so many Americans, my family didn't have the paid family leave we needed.

The emotional, mental, and physical toll of taking care of family members with any kind of medical complexity is often overwhelming to think about. But the financial obligation was something my family quickly realized we would not be able to manage, despite being a fortunate middle class family. When my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, our budget was strained by the therapy and medical care he needed.

The lack of access to paid family leave led to a financial crisis for us. And my family is not alone: Forty million Americans provide care for a family member, like my son, or an aging parent, and the failure to include caregiving leave in the paid family leave proposals is the failure to acknowledge that reality.

Ohio, again, has the opportunity to lead the nation in providing paid leave to parents and family members ensuring that our loved ones receive the best care in a way that leaves our community members gainfully employed and economically viable.

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