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Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

One of the most frustrating parts of reducing gun violence is that there are so many good proposals on the table of how to do so - very few that have been enacted into law due to legislators who refuse to even listen.

In Ohio, there has been a push to increase gun presence in schools and even in daycare facilities. We know, the answer to decreasing gun violence is not in increasing the number of guns present in our state. Arming teachers and daycare workers would only provide increased opportunity for accidental/intentional death and injury.

I'll fight to Pass Red Flag Laws

What we can do is pass Red Flag Laws - permitting law enforcement and family members to petition courts in order to have firearms removed if a person becomes a threat to themself or others.

I'll fight to Pass Universal Background Checks

We can pass universal background checks. We can hold gun owners accountable for what happens with their firearm by requiring gun owners to carry insurance and making them liable for any crime that is committed with their weapon. In the same way, we can better track when/if firearms fall into the hands of those who are not permitted to utilize them.

I'll fight to Keep Our Children SAFE
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